Are Ring Cameras Secure? How Safe Are They?

Just 10 years ago, a home security camera mounted on the doorbell was science fiction. Nowadays, approximately two out of every 10 Americans have one in their home.

Ring security tends to be one of the most common home security cameras/doorbell combos. They allow you to see who's at your door whether you're on the couch, or the other side of the world--and they're great indoor cams. But owners and security experts have called Ring camera's security into question many times.

How safe are Ring cameras? Are Ring cameras secure enough for you to get one in your home? Read on for an in-depth discussion on this topic.

Is Ring Camera's Security Enough?

Are Ring cameras secure? They have a bumpy history. Fortunately, the answer is yes.

Ring is incredibly affordable and easy to use. But these security camera options have suffered numerous breaches in privacy and home security. If you asked an early Ring user, "How safe are Ring cameras?" they might laugh at you.

The issue wasn't just privacy concerns. It was also account security. Ring technology provided many avenues for jilted ex-lovers and thieves to compromise them.

To make matters worse, the Ring camera's security was so bad that it suffered hacks. For this reason, many called the Ring camera's safety into question. Who knows who is able to see what's going on through your camera?

Are Ring Cameras Secure Now?

All of this begs the question: has Amazon fixed the problem, or not? To put it simply, yes. They added two-factor authentication and other security measures in 2020.

Further, Amazon has significantly improved the Ring security subroutines of their home security cameras. Ring technology now uses encryption and other protocols to keep your data safe.

These days, the Ring camera's security is in a much better place. This means that the Ring camera's safety for its users is improved as well. You don't need to worry anymore about someone hacking your camera.

How to Improve Ring Home Security

Are Ring cameras secure when someone comes into your home? While ne'er-do-wells can no longer hack your camera, they can do the next best thing: steal it. Or, they can cover it up before they begin their illegal activities.

This is where Conceal-a-Cam comes in. Say for example you have guests or strangers in your home. Your only means of keeping an eye on them while you're gone is with your Ring security camera.

If they knew a camera was watching them, they might knock it over, cover it up, or do their unethical business elsewhere. Conceal-a-Cam looks like a picture frame. They'd never know you were filming them, making it impossible for them to cover up their misbehavior.

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How safe are Ring cameras? The Ring camera's security has been a topic of debate for several years now. Fortunately, Amazon has resolved all of the software issues and drastically improved the Ring camera's safety.

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