For those that prefer to not have their home security camera on display, there is now an option! Conceal-a-Cam maintains the functionality of your current home security camera, but prevents it from being seen by visitors and bad actors. What's more, the camera is essentially replaced by an attractive contemporary photo frame, designed to hold your favorite 4"x4" photos.

Monitor Caregivers

The benefits of the nanny cam, when it comes to monitoring the care of infants and very young children, are well established. Without hidden surveillance, it's impossible to know if your caregiver is truly meeting your expectations. Conceal-a-Cam allows you to capture a candid and authentic view of how that caregiver is performing.

Nannycam functionality
Catch intruders in the act
Catch Bad Actors

Why give intruders to your home (or other bad actors) the opportunity to turn away or remove your security camera. Conceal-a-Cam allows you to place the camera in the optimal recording spot within a room, while never allowing anyone to know it's there. The surest way to capture bad behavior (or worse, criminal conduct) within your home will always be to record it without the perpetrator's knowledge.

Create a Welcoming Atmosphere

It's unfortunate, but a camera sitting on your living room shelf often gives visitors to your home a feeling of being watched. Don't give up the security of 2X7 surveilance. Instead, remove the camera from sight and allow your guests to feel more relaxed.