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There are too many cameras on the market today to list all that would be compatible with Conceal-a-Cam.

Blink Mini
Ring Stick-up Cam (Wired or Battery)
Ring Indoor Cam
Wyze Cam V
Google Nest Cam (1st Generation)
Google Nest Cam (2nd Generation)

Yes. All enclosures come with a small opening punched out as a pass-through for the electrical cord. The enclosure is designed to accommodate corded or rechargeable camera systems.

No. The image you've become accustomed to will not change when being shot through the one-way glass.

Click here for a video demonstration of the most popular cameras within Conceal-a-Cam.

Any purchase can be returned for any reason within 30 days of purchase. For orders that are fulfilled correctly, the cost of the return label will be deducted from the overall refund.

Yes. Because of the one-way glass in the frame, the camera's infrared night vision functionality must be turned off in settings. While the camera will still be able to record in low light environments, it will not be able to record in total darkness within the Conceal-a-Cam enclosure. All other recording capabilities and the picture quality will appear as they normally would.

1. In the camera's settings, turn off the infrared night vision option. If it is not turned off, the camera will not record properly through the one-way glass.
2. Turn off any LED recording indicators. If illuminated, these LEDs will shine through the one way glass. For cameras that do not allow the recording LEDs to be turned off, an adhesive LED blocking tab will be included with the frame.
3. If you chose to mount the camera upside down within the frame, in settings select the rotate video option, or whatever feature allows the image to be flipped 180 degrees.

Yes. While the quality of the audio is somewhat lessened by enclosing the camera in the frame, the microphones on most cameras are sensitive enough to still pick up the audio while enclosed. The distance to the source of the audio and the audio level will, of course, also impact your camera's ability to capture it.

It does work with the Ring Stick Up Battery Powered. With the exception of Ring Stick Up, other battery operated cameras tested in the frame will not send motion notifications or record on motion. They will allow live viewing, but will not monitor as they are intended. Ring Stick-up battery operated will operate as normal within the frame.