Hidden Home Cam: What you need to know

Benefits of Having a Hidden Home Cam

If you’re like me, you may have thought of different ways to keep yourself and the people you love safer at home.  Maybe you’ve tried solutions such as a home security system or other methods. You might have found these methods to be complex or too intrusive for your own liking. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place! Along with the discussion on home safety and security, you might have heard about hidden cameras in the home.

You may be asking: Why put your camera in disguise?  Well, this is what we’re here to discuss today. For one, a hidden home cam can be used to monitor caregivers of your loved ones. Each day, a large portion of the population puts their trust in the hands of another, specifically to take care of members of their family. This includes both elderly members of the family and those of the younger generation (i.e., youth.) One way in which you can use a hidden camera is in scenarios such as these. You’re able to keep the caregivers of loved ones accountable without giving away the fact that they are being surveilled.

Another situation in which hidden cameras can be used effectively is to catch bad actors in the home. As you may know, good hidden cameras are often the ones that are most effective when catching thieves, robbers, and stalkers. When security cameras are visible, these bad actors often know which areas in your home to avoid, and thus are often able to go undetected. A large benefit of keeping your cam hidden is that these bad actors do not detect that they are under surveillance and are caught in the act!

The last reason to disguise a camera is so that guests in your home feel more comfortable. Let’s be honest, when you see a security camera, or you are a guest in a place with a visible security camera, it may often be uncomfortable. The same goes for guests in your own home. By using a hidden cam at home, your guests will likely be more comfortable if they aren’t under the impression that they are being surveilled.

Best Places to Hide a Hidden Home Cam and How to Disguise One-

There are often many things to consider when looking for the right placement of your hidden camera in the home. For starters, you likely want to place your security camera in high traffic areas such as hallways and entryways to monitor these areas when no one is supposed to be around.

Second, you will often want to place it in a spot where you can easily conceal security cameras. With these things in mind, you’ll often want to place your cameras in hallways and entryways. Additionally, because of these points, a good spot for them will often be within your living room or within common areas, as these often connect to other portions of the house and are high traffic.

Another important place to hide your security cameras are in locations of your home where more sensitive information or valuables are being kept. These can include places like your bedroom, basement or even your home office. Because of the points within the first part of this article, it is often important to disguise a camera to deter bad actors from being involved in your space. If these bad actors are unaware that they are being recorded, you will often see what they are truly up to when you are away, no matter who these bad actors are.

Along with this, you may be wondering: What are some options for the best spy cameras? How do I conceal security cameras? Here is a good starting list of some of our favorite ways to keep your cam hidden:

  1. Picture frames: Use discreet picture frames such as Conceal-a-Cam to hide your existing security camera in an everyday object. Often intruders will not suspect that there is a security camera in something as common as a picture frame!
  2. Nanny Cams: Commonplace in the past, nanny cams are often effective because they are hidden within everyday objects, and often serve the purpose of acting as a hidden camera in the home.
  3. Camouflaged objects: It can be useful to hide your camera in objects that will help your camera blend in. These are often inexpensive solutions to hiding your camera!
  4. Bookshelves and décor: It can be useful to match your home security system with other pieces of décor within your home, as it can make it less obvious as compared to something that doesn’t match or fit with the aesthetics. 

Important Legalities Regarding Hidden Cameras, What to Know…

When using hidden cameras in your home, these are some major things to consider. Make sure the use of a hidden cam at home is within an ethical and respectful manner. Respect the rights of an individual or guest, and make sure that these cameras are not placed in areas where a reasonable expectation of privacy is expected, such as in bedrooms or bathrooms.  

Make sure that you are disclosing the use of hidden cameras if consent laws are present within your area or region. Also regularly review and delete footage that is not needed to protect privacy of individuals. Be cautious when using these tools in spaces of public use. Laws and regulations tend to vary place by place.

We hope this has been informative in your decision-making process regarding the use of hidden cameras in the home. Please continue to be mindful of your usage, and the placements of your cameras when they are in use.