How To Hide a Ring Camera? 15 Easy Ways & Hiding Spots

If you're concerned about home security, it might be time to purchase your first Ring camera. If you take that step, your next question may be  how to hide a camera.

Nearly 50% of American homes have no home security system to speak of, despite there being well over 1.5 million burglaries. There are various ways to approach home security, with surveillance perpetually being one of the best aids for deterring and reporting crime. 

Ring cameras are a subtle mode of security for the inside of your house. If a burglar gets in, the next best thing to do is capture them on camera. Keep reading and we'll tell you how to hide a Ring camera indoors so that you've got a discreet surveillance system in your home.

Benefits of a Ring Camera

Ring cameras are popular security devices for numerous reasons. The biggest benefit is that they're small and discreet, unlike traditional indoor security cameras that are bulky and obvious.

Additionally, technological advances have made Ring cameras more desirable. They can take crystal-clear videos these days, so you don't have to worry that the lens is too small to capture illicit behavior.

Why Consider Hiding Your Ring Camera?

When it comes to home security, many people invest in security cameras to monitor their property and keep their loved ones safe. However, not everyone wants their security cameras to be visible to everyone who enters their home. So the question becomes,  how to hide a camera.

There are several reasons why someone might want to hide their ring indoor security cameras:

  • Making visitors comfortable: Some people may feel uncomfortable being recorded by a security camera during their visit. This is especially true if the camera is pointed directly at them for an extended period of time.
  • Monitoring caregivers: If you have a caregiver who comes to your home to care for a loved one, you may want to monitor their behavior to ensure that they are doing their job correctly. By hiding the camera, you can observe their actions without them feeling like they are being constantly watched.
  • Preventing break-ins: If a potential burglar knows that there is a security camera on your property, they may try to disable it before breaking in. By hiding your ring camera, you can keep it safe from tampering and catch any would-be intruders on camera.
  • Protecting privacy: Some people simply prefer to keep their home security measures private. You can maintain your sense of privacy while still keeping an eye on your property by hiding your ring camera.

Overall, there are many valid reasons why someone might want to hide their indoor security cameras. With a Ring camera and a helpful device like the Conceal-a-Cam, your hidden camera really is hidden.

15 Easy Ways to Hide a Ring Camera

The beauty of a Ring camera is that it's easy to hide pretty much anywhere in the home. Since it's so small, you can set it up in high-traffic areas without anyone realizing it's there. Here are some of the best ways to hide your ring camera in plain sight:

1. Inside a Picture Frame

One of the best ways to hide the blue light on a ring camera, as well as the camera itself, is using a picture frame. Our Conceal-a-Cam For Ring effectively covers the camera with a modern picture frame that holds 4"x4" photographs. 

camera hidden in picture frame

Conceal-a-cam For Ring

Hiding a ring indoor security camera inside a photo frame like Conceal-a-Cam is a clever and aesthetically pleasing way to monitor your space discreetly. Here is how to do it:

  1. Choose a suitable frame: Select a photo frame that has enough depth to accommodate the camera without it being visible from the side. Conceal-a-Cam is specifically designed for this purpose, with a one-way glass matting that hides the camera while allowing it to record without obstruction.
  2. Prepare the frame: Remove the back panel of the frame and any glass or protective layer covering the photo area. With Conceal-a-Cam, the glass is already designed for camera use, so you won't need to make any modifications.
  3. Position the camera: Place the camera inside the frame, ensuring that the lens is properly aligned with the one-way glass or an opening in the frame. Depending on the frame and camera design, you may need to use mounting tape or other adhesives to secure the camera in place. Conceal-a-Cam includes mounting tape for this purpose.
  4. Insert a photo: Choose a photo that complements your decor and insert it into the frame, ensuring that it doesn't obstruct the camera's view. The photo should be of a suitable size for the frame and should not reveal the presence of the camera.
  5. Manage cords and cables: If your camera has a power cord or other cables, you'll need to ensure they are discreetly hidden. Conceal-a-Cam has a removable back panel with a small power cord passthrough, making it easy to route cables without drawing attention to the hidden camera.
  6. Position the frame: Find a strategic location to display the frame, such as a bookshelf, mantelpiece, or side table. Ensure that the camera has a clear view of the area you want to monitor, and consider placing it at an angle that captures the most activity.
  7. Connect the camera: Connect your camera to its power source and any necessary recording or monitoring devices. Ensure that the camera is functioning correctly, and test the live view or recorded footage to make sure it is capturing the desired area without obstruction.


2. Inside a Kleenex Box

Putting a camera inside a Kleenex box is an effective method to conceal it in plain sight. To do this, follow the next steps:

  • Select a box with an appropriate design that would not arouse suspicion.
  • Carefully create an opening in the box that is large enough for the camera lens to capture a clear view but small enough to remain inconspicuous.
  • Place the camera inside the box, ensuring that it remains stable and the lens is properly aligned with the opening.

This method allows the camera to blend in with everyday items, making it difficult for anyone to notice.

hidden camera inside a kleenex box

3. Behind Wall Decorations

Hang the camera behind wall decorations such as paintings, mirrors, or clocks. Discreetly position the camera so it records through a small opening or gap between the decoration and the wall without being noticeable. The following steps can help you achieve this:

  • Select a suitable wall decoration: Choose a wall decoration that is large enough to cover the camera while still complementing your room's decor. Make sure the decoration doesn't obstruct the camera's field of view.*
  • Position the camera strategically: Attach the camera to the wall behind the decoration, making sure the lens is aligned with a small opening or gap between the decoration and the wall. This will allow the camera to record without being visible to anyone in the room.
  • Secure the decoration: Hang the decoration in a way that it doesn't accidentally move or get knocked, revealing the camera. You can use a bracket or adhesive to keep the decoration securely in place.
  • Consider the camera's functionality: Ensure that the camera's features, such as motion detection, night vision, and audio recording, are not affected by the wall decoration. You may need to adjust the camera's settings to optimize its performance in this setup.
  • Blend with the surroundings: Make sure the wall decoration doesn't look out of place or draw attention to itself. Select a decoration that matches the room's overall aesthetic and arrange other decorative elements around it to create a harmonious look.
  • Easy access for maintenance: Choose a wall decoration that allows you to easily access the camera when needed, whether for maintenance, adjusting settings, or replacing batteries. This will ensure that you can keep the camera functioning optimally without drawing attention to its hidden location.

wall decorations

4. Behind Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals are often found in various rooms, particularly in children's bedrooms or playrooms, making them a good option for hiding a camera.

Choose a stuffed animal that is large enough to accommodate the camera behind it without altering its appearance. Create a small opening in the back of the stuffed animal and insert the camera, or just put the camera behind the stuffed animal so it's hidden. This method works well for monitoring children or caregivers discreetly.

hidden camera behind stuffed animal

5. Within a Plant or Fake Plant

Using a plant or a fake plant is a simple way to hide a camera while adding a touch of greenery to your space. Choose a plant with enough foliage to camouflage the camera effectively, but not so dense that it obstructs the lens. Position the camera within the plant, using the leaves and branches to conceal it.

You can use wire or zip ties to secure the camera in place if necessary. This method is suitable for various rooms and can be adjusted to fit different types of cameras.

ring camera hidden within a fake plant

6. Inside a Smoke Detector or Alarm Clock

Concealing a camera inside a smoke detector is a discreet way to monitor your space. First, find a non-functioning smoke detector or a dummy one with enough room for the camera.

Choose a small camera that fits inside the casing. Carefully disassemble the detector and place the camera inside, aligning the lens with an opening or transparent part of the cover. Lastly, secure the camera with mounting tape or glue, and reassemble the casing.

Don't forget to install the disguised camera in a strategic location such as the living room or kitchen. 

smoke detector

7. In a Decorative Air Vent

Another great hiding spot for your ring camera is placing it within an ornamental air vent:

  • Choose a vent with a design that permits the camera to record through it without being seen. 
  • Make sure the vent is deep enough to accommodate the camera.
  • Remove the cover and, if necessary, create a small platform or utilize mounting tape to fasten the camera inside.
  • Position the lens to align with the vent's openings before securing it using mounting tape or adhesive.
  • Once you reattach the vent cover, confirm the camera remains concealed and correctly aligned.
  • Discreetly hide any power cords or cables, routing them through the vent or wall as needed.

decorative air vent

8. Behind a Curtain or Window Blinds

Our last inconspicuous method for surveilling your area involves hiding your indoor security camera behind curtains or window blinds. Opt for curtains or blinds that are dense enough to obscure the camera yet allow it to record through small gaps or openings.

First thing is to set up the camera near the window or glass, making sure its lens lines up with a gap or opening while capturing the desired coverage. Fasten the camera to the window frame, curtain rod, or blinds mechanism using mounting tape, adhesive, or other means. Adjust the curtain or blinds to maintain the camera's hidden position and ensure it can still record through gaps or openings.

If your camera requires a power cord or additional cables, tuck them away discreetly, running them along the window frame, curtain rod, or blinds mechanism.

house curtains

9. Inside a Book or Bookshelf

This method takes advantage of the fact that books and bookshelves are common in many homes and often overlooked. You can select an old book and hollow it out carefully to create a space for the camera, and then simply place the camera inside and align the lens with a small hole on the book's spine or cover.

Considerations to keep in mind:

  • Make sure the book blends in with the others on the shelf and doesn't attract attention.
  • Ensure the camera has a clear field of vision.
  • Consider the camera's power source, if it's not battery operated you'll need to manage the cords inconspicuously.

hidden camera inside bookshelf

10. Within a Coat Rack or Hat Stand

Coat Racks and Hat Sands can be found in many hallways or entrances and can provide an excellent elevated view of the space. You can place the camera among the coats or hats, ensuring it's hidden but has a clear field of vision.

Make sure to fasten the camera securely to the stand and that it remains hidden even when the coats or hats are removed. Additionally, if the camera has a power cord, ensure it's hidden and doesn't draw attention.

hidden camera within a coat rack

11. Inside a Fake Rock or Ornament

Choose an ornament that blends in with your home's decor, and ensure it's large enough to hide the camera but also allows it to record unobstructed. You can hollow it out if necessary and place the camera inside.


  • The ornament should blend in with your home decor and not attract attention.
  • Ensure the camera's lens isn't obstructed and has a clear view.
  • Consider the camera's power source and hide any cords that could give away its position.

hidden camera inside a fake rock

12. Inside a Clock

Begin by selecting a wall or table clock that's sizable enough to comfortably fit the camera. Open the clock's casing carefully to avoid any damage to the clock's internal components. Once opened, place the camera inside the clock, ensuring the lens is strategically aligned with a number or another part of the clock face that you've made transparent or removed. After ensuring the camera is firmly in place, close the clock casing securely.

When choosing a clock, it's crucial that it blends seamlessly with your interior design, effectively masking any suspicion. Confirm that the camera's lens has a clear, unobstructed view of the room. If the camera needs to be plugged in, you will have to devise a discreet way to manage the cord. One possible solution could be to use the same hole that the clock's power cord uses.

hidden camera inside a wall clock

13. Inside a Decorative Basket

The first step in this method is to choose a decorative box or basket that synchronizes with your room's decor. Proceed to make a small hole in the box or basket for the camera's lens. Place the camera inside and make sure the lens is aligned perfectly with the hole. If necessary, use a dark cloth or paper to cover the inside of the box or basket to prevent the camera from being noticeable.

A few considerations to keep in mind for this method to be effective:

  • The placement of the decorative box or basket is key as it should be in a location that offers a comprehensive view of the room.
  • The hole made for the camera lens should be done discreetly and not be easily noticeable.
  • The power supply for the camera is also a consideration; if the camera is not battery-operated, you'll need to manage the power cord discreetly.

hidden camera inside a decorative basket

14. Inside a Speaker or Sound Bar

Choose a speaker or sound bar that's large enough to accommodate the camera. Here are a few steps to implement this method more effectively:

  1. Open the casing of the speaker or sound bar, making sure not to damage any of the internal components.
  2. Position the camera inside, ensuring that the lens aligns well with the speaker's grille or another discreet part of the casing.
  3. Close the casing securely, and double check that the camera remains firm and in place.

The speaker or sound bar should appear normal and not draw any suspicion, so choose one that blends in with your room's decor. Make sure that the camera's lens has a clear and unobstructed view of the room. If the camera needs a power supply, you will need to figure out a discreet way to manage the cord, possibly by using the same hole as the speaker's power cord.

hidden camera inside a speaker

15. Inside a Hollowed-Out Candle

Consider using a large, ornamental candle that complements your interior aesthetic. Start by carefully carving out the interior of the candle to create a spacious enough cavity for your camera.

Next, create a tiny aperture on the side of the candle that will allow the camera lens to see out. Then, nestle the camera into this newly created space, aligning the lens with the aperture you just made. Finally, to keep the setup discreet, manage the cords or cables by carving out a secondary hole at the rear of the candle and run the cables through it to keep them inconspicuous, maintaining the candle's authentic appearance.

hidden camera inside a candle

What's great about Ring cameras is that it just takes a bit of creativity and you can have a perfect hidden-camera setup. 

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Having a small Ring camera is a great help to your home security system, but knowing how to hide a Ring camera so that it's undetectable makes it that much better.

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