How to Hide a Wyze Camera? 9 Clever Ways & Hiding Spots

With 2.5 million burglary cases happening in the US every year, you need extra home security. This is why hiding a camera is an essential method to secure your home from home invasions!

Having a security camera is essential as you can’t tell what safety issues you will face when you leave your home. Having cameras set in unusual spaces makes it easier to see live feeds of your property and ensures your cameras don't get stolen. 

As a beginner, you might have trouble finding out how to hide a Wyze camera. Luckily, there are ways you can do to hide them without compromising their efficacy.

Keep reading as we give more tips on the best way to hide Wyze cameras in your home. 

How to Hide Your Wyze Camera?

There are many innovative indoor items available to use in hiding a Wyze Cam. The best way to conceal a wyze security cam is to put it in an unexpected spot. 

Some creative items where you can hide a wyze camera include:

  1. Picture Frame
  2. Stuffed Animal
  3. Bookshelf
  4. Clock Case
  5. Flower Vase
  6. Window
  7. Fence or Gate
  8. Thick Furniture Items
  9. One-Way Mirror

To better secure your home, install multiple cameras and set up a covert security cam system. 

1) Inside a Picture Frame

Our innovative Conceal-a-Cam For Wyze provides an elegant solution for hiding your indoor security camera while maintaining a stylish decor.

camera hidden in picture frame

Here's how you can effortlessly integrate your Wyze camera into our picture frame:

  1. Select the perfect frame: Choose a photo frame with sufficient depth to conceal the camera, ensuring it remains hidden from the side. Our Conceal-a-Cam is specifically designed for this purpose, featuring one-way glass matting that discreetly conceals the camera while allowing uninterrupted recording.

  2. Prepare the frame: Remove the back panel and any protective layers covering the photo area. With Conceal-a-Cam, the glass is already optimized for camera use, eliminating the need for modifications.

  3. Position the camera: Carefully place the Wyze camera inside the frame, aligning the lens with the one-way glass or an opening in the frame. Depending on the frame and camera design, use mounting tape or adhesives to secure the camera in place. Our Conceal-a-Cam includes specially designed mounting tape for this purpose.

  4. Insert a complementary photo: Select a photo that matches your decor and insert it into the frame, ensuring it doesn't obstruct the camera's view. The photo should be an appropriate size for the frame and should not reveal the presence of the camera.

  5. Manage cords and cables: If your Wyze camera requires a power cord or other cables, discreetly conceal them within the frame. Conceal-a-Cam offers a removable back panel with a small power cord passthrough, allowing you to route cables inconspicuously.

  6. Find the perfect location: Strategically position the framed camera in an ideal location, such as a bookshelf, mantelpiece, or side table. Ensure the camera has a clear view of the area you wish to monitor, considering the best angle for capturing activity.

  7. Connect and test: Connect your Wyze camera to its power source and any necessary recording or monitoring devices. Verify that the camera is functioning correctly and test the live view or recorded footage to ensure it captures the desired area without any obstructions.

Enjoy discreet monitoring with our Conceal-a-Cam For Wyze, seamlessly integrating your camera into a stylish picture frame.

Conceal-a-cam For Wyze 


2) Within a Stuffed Animal

Hiding it inside a stuffed animal is one of the most common methods of hiding a camera. You can pierce the teddy bear's eyes and position your security camera lens in the punctured eye.

hidden cam inside a stuffed toy

3. On a Bookshelf

Disguise your home security camera on a bookshelf. You can cover the camera with books with the lens open. You can also poke a hole into old books and place the camera within the book. 

4. Inside a Hidden Clock Case

Insert your Wyze cam device into a hidden clock compartment. It will mask the camera as a digital clock while recording the live footage. This method is a brilliant design hiding a home security camera on sight.

5. Inside a Flower Vase

Drill a hole in the flower vase or pot the size of your camera lens, then position your device. You can put the vase near the door of your house or at any entry exposed to burglars.

6. By the Window

Hiding your camera by your window is another brilliant option. A thief will struggle to get in the window and camouflage it as a window treatment. However, the glass might prevent a clear picture because of warping in the light.

A preferred way of hiding a camera is to put them at the back of a glass window. It will help to discourage theft and secure your home.

If a burglar sees a cam behind your glass window, they may think twice and move on to other houses. However, using a camera through windows can affect motion detection and night vision.

hidden camera behind a window

7. Behind a Fence or Gate

People often mount their cameras on top of fences or gates, but this makes them easily noticeable. You may want to hide your camera behind a gate or fence instead. 

Of course, this hidden camera trick won't work with all fences. And some types of cameras may be too big. But a wooden fence may have just enough space within the flats to let your cameras peek through. 

If there isn't enough space between slats, you can cut a hole if you don't mind doing so. As wooden fences often develop holes, would-be burglars shouldn't question them being there. 

hidden camera in fence

8. Inside Thick Furniture Items

Not every piece of indoor furniture can conceal a hidden camera well. Ideally, you should choose thicker pieces of furniture. A good example would be a woven wicker couch or chair. 

The hollow areas inside these pieces of furniture make great camera hiding spots. You may have to carve out a small hole so your camera can see everything.

If you don't want to carve a hole in your furniture, use a cushion. You can easily buy a cheap chair cushion, cut a hole in it, and put your camera in there. Just be careful not to sit on your camera and break it. 

hidden camera in woven couch

9. Use a One-Way Mirror 

You can easily hang up a small mirror next to your front door, and no one will question it. You can use this to your advantage. 

The mirror you hang up won't be a mirror, it will be a one-way window. If you put special tinting on a glass, guests won't see through the glass. But anything on the other side of the glass should be able to see through. 

Buy a decorated window piece or create a decorative mirror. Place your camera on the other side of this one-way window. That way, the camera will see your guests but your guests won't see your camera. 

How to Hide Security Camera Cord?

If you're wondering how to hide a wyze camera cord, here are a few easy tricks. Hiding it inside a PVC pipe, baseboard, or even a painting will work too. You only need to consider where you hide your camera by ensuring it's near a power source.

Conceal-a-Cam: How to Hide a Wyze Camera

Wyze camera devices are a good option for people interested in home monitoring and security. However, how to hide a Wyze camera from prying eyes? Whether you monitor your home or protect your family, a Wyze security camera is a great option. 

Wyze cams are reliable and safe and offer peace of mind knowing that your property has a twenty-four-seven monitoring device. Protect your home with Conceal-a-Cam! We install your cameras within a beautifully designed photo frame, which can also hold your 4x4 photos. 

Contact us now to get more details and order your own Conceal-a-Cam hidden camera, whether for a Wyze, Ring, Blink Mini, or any other indoor camera.