How Many Ring Cameras Can You Have on One Account?

Did you know that every 15 seconds in the United States there's a home burglary? Since the COVID-19 pandemic, levels of crime have been higher. If you care about home security, you're going to want to take some precautions. 

One of the most popular precautions people have taken is the Ring app. This app allows people to check on their front door, and who might be standing in front of it.

But if you're interested in using a Ring camera for home security, you've probably found yourself asking this question — how many Ring cameras can you have?  

This article will walk you through a brief introduction to security cameras and their relationship to your Ring app. 

How Many Cameras Can You Have With Ring? 

The answer to how many security cameras can you have in your security system when you use the Ring app? actually depends on which edition of the app you have. 

If you have the basic, standard version of the app, you can only have one camera hooked up with your Ring app. You might still be able to use more than one camera to make sure you stay safe, but those extra ones can't go through Ring. 

For 10 dollars a month, you can get "Ring protect plus" and attach as many cameras as you can. An in-between option is getting several different Ring plans, and attaching them to different cameras. 

How Many Ring Cameras Do I Need?

If you want to feel like you have a full home surveillance system, we recommend 2 to 6 cameras depending on the size of your house.  

You should certainly cover any doors to your house, as well as your garage. Eliminate places that people can get in without surveillance. 

You might also want a camera in your living room to make sure you catch anything a criminal might have stolen. 

We also recommend making sure you have a top-of-the-line security camera that will last a significant amount of time before you have to charge it or change its batteries.

Ring cameras are only useful, however, if potential intruders don't know they're there. Knowing how to hide a Ring camera is crucial in learning to secure your home. 

At the end of the day, depending on the size of your house, camera placement can be more important than the number of cameras. At a certain point, a home can only have a certain amount of cameras to improve the level of security. 

If you know where to put the cameras, less can be more. 

How Many Ring Cameras Can You Have on One Account? 

If you're thinking of the basic app, the answer to how many Ring cameras can you have on one account? is 1. However, if you have a premium account, you can link up several. 

If you're wondering how many Ring cameras you need — the answer depends on the size of your house. Always give consideration to concealing your cameras, as well as the angle the cameras are in. 

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